We are pleased to announce the launch of our Diversity and Financial Aid fund, which has been made possible with the help of our friends at Media Suite. It’s open to anyone who would like to attend the conference but wouldn’t normally be able to. In particular we are keen to reach out to under-represented groups in tech (women, PoC, LGBTIQ folks) with assistance to help broaden the diversity of conference attendees.

If you were thinking about submitting to speak but didn’t think you’d be able to make it because of travel or accommodation costs, hopefully our diversity and financial aid fund can help you. Submit your talk request and mention that you’ll also be putting in a financial aid application (follow the instructions below).

On a personal note, as a woman in the tech industry, I have more than once heard comments from women colleagues expressing their doubt that they are worthy of being recipients of programs such as this. So just to make it super clear: If you would like to attend the conference but you don’t think that you can for financial reasons, then the financial aid fund is explicitly for you. We won’t necessarily be able to help every applicant purely for budgetary reasons, but please do apply.

How does it work

  1. First, you need to apply.

  2. We will periodically approve batches of applications. The first set of approvals will be on the 30th of January next set of approvals will be on the 8th of February, and we will contact those approved and work through the details of the assistance they need. Please note that in some cases the applicant will need to book something themselves, and then will be reimbursed by the fund.

We use the following criteria to help us decide who gets approved:

  • We are biased towards (but not exclusively for) diverse applicants (hence the name of the fund).
  • Those proposing a talk are given preference (but there will likely still be plenty of approvals for non-speakers).
  • We do attempt to maximise cost efficiency - for example we are more likely to approve four New Zealanders in preference to one American who needs help with flights.

If you have any questions feel, drop us an email at conference@javascript.org.nz.

- Jen, on behalf of the nz.js(con); organising committee