Inspired by the KiwiCon badge challenge, nz.js(con); will feature its own CTF (capture-the-flag) challenge. Trapped in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, you must use your JavaScript wits to survive. Whether in teams or alone, you will complete a series of puzzles as you try to get your ship operational. Open to all skill levels.

If you’re someone who likes solving riddles and thinking laterally, then this the event for you. Teams will be given just over a couple of hours to complete as many challenges as they can to get their submarine running. This event will be run similar to a jeopardy style CTF, but with a JavaScript focus instead of a security focus.

Jeopardy-style CTFs have questions (tasks) in a range of categories. Teams can gain points for each solved task. More points for more complicated tasks usually. The next task in the chain can be opened only after a team solves a previous task. Then, when the game is over, the team with the highest points is the winner.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 teams.

You will need: A laptop

When/where: During the conference, in the middle room, from 1:45 -> 4:00 on Thursday