Quadcopters are everywhere, they’re used in research, the military, and even in commercial applications such as agriculture, delivery, and photography. As they get cheaper to produce, it’s likely they’ll become ubiquitous in our lifetime. NodeBots New Zealand is giving you a chance to hack on drones using JavaScript and Node during nz.js(con);

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, now is your chance to learn how drones work first hand, by coding some JavaScript, and racing a drone in a tournament for some sweet prizes.

However, if drones aren’t your cup of tea, we have a plethora of other robots, hardware and projects you can hack on, all using JavaScript, supporting skill levels from “What even is voltage?” to “I eat solder for breakfast!”.

Sign up required: see your ticket email to sign up.

You will need: a laptop.

When/where: During the conference, in the middle room, from 1:30 -> 3:30 on Friday