Our tickets all come with a complimentary conference t-shirt or (our new option - check your emails if you’d already selected a t-shirt and want to swap) a canvas bag - but we need to get our order in to the printers soon. The last date for you get your details to us and get your t-shirt or bag is this Sunday, the 26th of Feb, at midnight NZ time. So if you’ve been waiting to buy your ticket, or you have a ticket but you haven’t yet entered your details, you need to get on that sharpish!

JavaScript NZ community awards

At the conference we’ll be voting on our first JS educator and JS contributer award recepients - if you’d like to nominate someone for either of these awards please see the details on the society website.

Two weeks to go!

We’re now at less than 25 tickets remaining, so now is a great time to get your ticket — and don’t forget that we have a Diversity and Financial Aid fund if you need help travelling to the conference or getting a ticket.