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Monday, June 14, 2021

Our apologies to those of you who weren't able to get a ticket - we're now sold out. All the talks will be recorded for later viewing.

For those of you with a ticket, read on for some extra info you should know in preparation for next week.

Please don't come if you have cold or flu symptoms

Respect your fellow attendees and don't come if you might have something infectious, it helps to keep everyone safe.

We're happy to refund your ticket if you can't make it, even if it's at the last minute - just pop us an email at - and all the talks will be recorded so you'll be able to catch up later.

Food at the conference

If you haven't yet answered the dietary requirements part of ticket registration and you have particular needs, please update your registration info to let us know.

During the conference, morning and afternoon tea will be catered, but lunch is not catered - we'll give you a nice long lunch break so you can find something nearby. Unfamiliar with the location? Check out the list of nearby food options.

There will be a for-pay coffee stand in the venue hallway (and you may get a couple of vouchers to get coffee for free).

What time should I show up on Monday?

Doors open at 8am, the conference starts at 9:15am. We have to get 300+ people though registration, so please show up at least 30 minutes before the conference start if you possibly can!

When you register, you should queue up according to your first name (as provided on your ticket registration) and you'll also need to know your ticket reference, which you can find in the confirmation email you received.

The schedule mentions "Lightning Talks", what's that? ⚡

Lightning talks are very short talks. We have a special block at the end of day two for anyone to give a lightning talk at the conference!

  • It has to a maximum of 5 minutes long
  • You can propose a lightning talk by writing up a short pitch on the whiteboard we have in the centre room, and we'll pick a good range of talks
  • You'll either need to have your own laptop if you want to have slides, or be OK without slides

So put your thinking caps on, the lightning talks session should be really fun and a great ending to the conference 😃

What other things do I need to know about the venue?

You can find directions to Shed 6 here.

There's 3 main rooms, two rooms for talks, and the middle room is both for catering and has some tables for you to come and take a breather. Two whole days with 300 people is a lot, don't be afraid to take a break if you need to! Some of our Gold sponsors will also have a spot in that same room so give them a wave when you're there.

If you're travelling from outside Wellington and you have luggage with you on day 2 of the conference, you'll be able to leave it at our registration desk with a check ticket system, and our volunteers will keep an eye on it for you.

We want everyone to have a good time

All conference attendees must follow our code of conduct.

If you see someone not following the code of conduct (or if someone is hassling you), please let the conference organisers know so we can take action. There's a bunch of different ways of reaching out to us in the CoC, including a phone number and an anonymous form.

More volunteers wanted

As a community run conference, we rely on volunteers to help make the event a success. We’ve already had quite a few lovely people volunteer — but we’re looking for a few more, as many hands make light work!

Find out more on the call for volunteers page.

OK that's all!

We look forwards to seeing you at the conference!

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